Funk's Most Wanted  
Dana Allen

Gary “Tuf-Dana” Allen is true veteran in the music industry. His energetic style of play has many seeking his talents. Not only is he a standout keyboardist, he is also an accomplished bassist and drummer. Tuf-Dana was born with music in his blood and you could probably say his name in at least 10 other countries and it would be recognized. There are many things Tuf-Dana can do on the keys and not only with his hands.


Charles “Charlie” Lenud has the responsibility of holding down the funk. Any good funk group has to have a supreme bassist and Charlie is certainly one of the best. His style takes you back to the Bootsy Collins, George Duke days. Charlie has played with some of the top funk groups and his skills don’t stop with the bass. Charlie can often be seen on stage having his own party!

Rulon Davis

Stage named Master Ru, the lead singer started performing since the age of six in his family’s living room. He and his siblings won numerous talent shows performing hits from the Jackson 5, The Temptations, as well as some of the other famous Motown acts. As an adult he has shared the stage with such acts as Lakeside, Morris Day, Ohio Players, The Average White Band and a host of others. Whether bellowing out soulful funk tunes or crooning out some of your favorite love songs, you are sure to settle in and take a ride down memory lane.

Eric Griffin

Eric “Easy” Griffith - If you listen close you can hear the sweet melodies, but if I were you I’d back way up. Eric’s influences are ROCK, ROCK and more Rock. A true student of the guitar, “Easy” has been at it since as his Mother would say “that boy has had a guitar in his hands since the age of four." Eric yearns for the spotlight with his playing abilities and his smooth moves. Having Eric in the group is like having a fourth vocalist, not only does he sing but he can dance as well.

Stuart "Stu B" Thomas

Stuart “Stu B” Thomas - Listening to Stu sing is like waking up and hearing sweet birds chirping in the summertime. Stuart's influences are groups like Blue Magic, the Stylistics and the Temprees. “Stu B” has been known to bring the house down with his sweet finishes to love songs and if you think that’s all he brings to the table, you have another thin coming. If you haven’t heard him sing, you are in for a big surprise.

Clay "Cashmere" Watkins

Known to his band mates as Cashmere, Clay was a late bloomer in the music industry. Hard work and determination helped him become a focal point of the group. As a child Clay would sit around and listened to his father and uncles as they played old gospel tunes. The Jackson Southernaires, Mighty Clouds of Joy and the Mississippi Mass Choir is what influenced Cashmere to belt out tunes in his soulful baritone.

Mark "Hatchett" Hughes


Mark “Hatchett” Hughes. Now why do you think he’s called “Hatchett”? Watch him beat the drums and you get the picture. Originally from Ohio (the funk capital of the world), Mark knows how to keep the beat funky and he also knows when it’s time to let go. Mark is known as the ultimate pocket drummer, but don’t let the smooth taste fool you! By running around with the Troutman brothers or sneaking in to listen as the OHIO Players rehearsed, it was clear what the future held for this FUNKY DRUMMER.